Asmodee USA will release Polyssimo Challenge, a puzzle game by Djeco, into trade on July 24.

In Polyssimo Challenge, the goal of the game is for players to put as many pieces on the game board as possible. The game begins with players drafting pieces, and until all of the pieces are picked up. Then, they take turns putting their pieces on the board until the board is full or no more pieces fit in the space. The player with the fewest number pieces left in their possession wins the game.

This game is for two players, ages 7 and up, and plays in 10 minutes. It will retail for $24.99.

Asmodee USA will  also release Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective: Baker Street Irregulars on July 31 (see "Asmodee USA Brings 'Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective' to U.S. Trade").