Steamforged Games revealed Caverns of the Frost Giant and Halls of the Orc King, new miniature sets for the Epic Encounters line, scheduled to release in November 26.

The Caverns of the Frost Giant set features a single truly impressive frost giant miniature that stands guard over his cavern. The miniature is highly-detailed and stands over six inches tall. Its game box comes with the Frost giant miniature, 12 Grimfang Orc tokens, 6 trap tokens, a double-sided game mat, an adventure book, and monster stats. This set will retail for $39.95.

In the Halls of the Orc King, explorers will find a bevy of orc followers dedicated to protecting their king. The major selling point of this set are the orc miniatures that are mounted on polar bears (because having to face down a heavily-armed orc wasn't dangerous enough; now, it's on a polar bear). This set contains 20 miniatures total: 1 Grimfang Orc King, 1 Grimfang Orc Shaman, 2 Grimfang Orc Cooks, 2 Grimfang Orc Grog Masters, 2 Slaughter Kin Orogs, 2 Grimfang Orc Gladiators, 4 Grimfang Orcs mounted on Ice Shelf Polar Bears, and 6 Grimfang Orcs. It also comes with a double-sided game mat, an adventure book, and monster stats, and will retail for $49.95.

Steamforged Games also will release Epic Encounters: Shrine of the Kobold Queen and Epic Encounters: Lair of the Red Dragon (see "Steamforged Games Unveils 'Epic Encounters' Fantasy Miniatures Sets").

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