Games Workshop has offered details on Quest of the Ringbearer, a new supplement for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Quest of the Ringbearer includes 28 Narrative Scenarios, each representing a major even in Frodo’s quest to Mount Doom.  Scenarios originally published in the Battle Games in Middle-earth magazine, such as Cirith Ungol and The End of All Things, are reimagined to work within the current edition of the game.  The supplement includes a never-before-seen scenario representing Frodo and Sam’s crossing of the Plateau of Gorgoroth.  Each of the scenarios are linked together through a campaign system allowing players to recreate Frodo’s journey.  The scenarios will include a campaign bonus that will have an impact on the next scenario.  Fantasy Fellowship campaign rules allow players to form their own Fellowship from their favorite characters to take on the quest to destroy the One Ring.

Along with the scenarios and campaign rules, Quest of the Ringbearer includes four new character profiles and six Legendary Legions lists.  The new character profiles are the Rangers Anborn and Mablung, as well Barliman Butterbur and Harry Goatleaf for Wanders in the Wild.  Matched Play gets represented with six Legendary Legions, including an updated list for Rangers of Ithilien that will allow players to take Anborn and Mablung.  The five new Legendary Legions are Breaking of the Fellowship, Lurtz’s Scouts, Depths of Moria, Cirith Ungol, and the Black Riders.

Release date and MSRP have not yet been announced for Quest of the Ringbearer.

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Games Worshop previously released War in Rohan for the Middle-earth: Strategy Battle Game (see "The Rohirrim Ride in ‘War in Rohan’").