Wizards of the Coast announced that applications for Retail Improvement Grants are now available for 2021.

In 2019, WotC unveiled a program that would assist stores in moving from WPN to WPN Premium by infusing them with retailer grants (see "Rolling For Initiative -- Wizards Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is and Other Trends"). The 2021 grants can be applied for through the WPN site, and used for four different categories of store improvement: furniture, design, operational, or construction. Examples of possible furniture improvements could include new tables, chairs, or shelving, and design improvements are mostly decor-related. The larger grants would likely come through the request of construction projects, which can be applied to a wide-range of structural changes such as electrical work, plumbing, and even a new roof.

Operational grants are possibly the most intriguing of the grants because they involve adding tools to help along digital sales, tracking inventory, and contacting customers. In the age of COVID-19, installing and maintaining a digital storefront, website, or signing up to an ecommerce platform is almost a vital component for business survival. This grant offers a chance to help retailers make that move as the pandemic draws closer to an end point.