White Wizard Games renamed itself Wise Wizard Games, and revealed Riders of Chaos by Richard Garfield and three other games in development.

The "White Wizard" has become a "Wise Wizard", and their team has promptly updated all of the company's social media channels and their website to reflect the change in name. This name change occurred as a response to community feedback, as noted by Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games:

"Our original company name was a throwback to Gandalf, the iconic fantasy character," said Moynihan. "Based on feedback from the community and our future plans to broaden our product line, we decided it was time for a change."

The new name of the company will be stamped on all reprints of their titles. Also, the SKUs and the abbreviation of the company name (WWG) will remain the same.

As Wise Wizard Games, they announced the development of four new game titles. They are going to release a title by Richard Garfield called Riders of Chaos, which is a battle arena game where players pull off attack combos. WWG also revealed a deckbuilding game by Perfect Day called Robot Quest Arena. In this game, players upgrade and control their bots to attempt to destroy with their opponents' bots.

Star Realms Rise of Empire is a new Star Realms game that takes place prior to the primary timeline. It offers up new factions as well as an origin story for the Star Empire. Hero Realms Dungeon of Thandar is a new deckbuilding game box set where players fight off evil bosses and minions as they pick up new items.     

Wise Wizard Games produced an upgraded version of its hit Star Realms deckbuilding game available exclusively through KS last year (see "'Star Realms' Goes 'Nova'").