Ablaze has lined up a new series and three graphic novels for September, including a new horror comic series set during the Nazi occupation of Prague, a zombie manga, a graphic novel that visualizes anxieties as different types of monsters, and the third volume of the supernatural crime thriller Trese.

He Who Fights with Monsters, by Francesco Artibani and Werther Dell’Edera, is a horror comic set in Prague during World War II, when the Nazis occupied the city. The SS patrols the streets, using force to show their authority, while the resistance struggles to organize. The one hope for the terrorized populace is to follow an ancient legend and bring supernatural forces into the fray. Artibani writes Disney comics and was also a contributor to the children’s graphic novel series W.I.T.C.H.  (see “Confessions of a Comic Book Guy – The Things You Don’t Know”), and Dell’Edera is the artist for the best-selling BOOM! series Something Is Killing the Children (see “‘Something Is Killing the Children’ to Get Deluxe Editions”). The first issue of He Who Fights with Monsters is scheduled for September 7 and will have an MSRP of $3.99.

In the first volume of Crueler than Dead, by Tsukasa Saimura and Kozo Takahashi, a woman wakes up surrounded by corpses. A virus is turning humans into zombies, and she is part of a desperate experiment to find a cure. Together with a young boy, she must make her way across the zombie-infested city to locate the few survivors and the vaccine that can save humanity. Saimura seems to make a specialty of zombie manga; he is the creator of Hour of the Zombie and Tokyo Undead, both published by Seven Seas (see “‘Captive Hearts of Oz – New Manga from ‘Alice’ Creator”). The first volume of Crueler than Dead will go on sale on September 29 with an MSRP of $12.99.

All that horror making you uptight? Monstermind: Dealing with Anxiety and Self Doubt, by Alfonso Casas, is designed to help you conquer the unwelcome guests in your brain by laughing at them. Casas depicts his own anxieties as different types of monsters: Mr. Social Anxiety, Mr. Impostor Syndrome, Mr. Sadness. By personifying them in humorous ways, he helps the reader understand them and undermines their power. The book includes a discussion guide so readers can take the next step if they are dealing with anxiety. The book will be released on September 29 with an MSRP of $19.99.

The final release is the third volume of Trese, the Filipino supernatural crime series by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo that has been made into an animated series for Netflix (see “Netflix Adds New Anime”). This third volume includes five stories from the files of private detective Alexandra Trese, who investigates supernatural mysteries on the mean streets of Manila. The creators draw on Filipino folklore for these stories of vampires, monsters, and other urban horrors. Trese will be featured in Ablaze’s Free Comic Book Day comic (see “FCBD 2021 Silver Sponsor Titles”). Volume 3 is scheduled for September 29 and will have an MSRP of $16.99.

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