Legend Story Studios shared exclusive Flesh and Blood TCG preview cards from their upcoming Tales of Aria set (see "'Tales of Aria'"). This new set will be in stores on September 24.

The spoiled cards consist of elemental Amulets and actions that revolve around the Fusion mechanic. Fusion triggers different abilities on cards when the player using the card reveals a similar elemental action from their hand. This can create very powerful card synergies in decks built around specific elemental types. As an example, the Lightning elemental card abilities fuse to trigger or add the Go Again mechanic to card text, which can literally make a player's attack hand move "as fast as lightning" by increasing the number of actions they can take.

Two of the three Amulets in the spoiler below, Amulet of Ice and Amulet of Lightning, are promotional cold foils that can be obtained by players at FLGS prerelease events. Tales of Aria prerelease events are scheduled to occur in over 700 selected local game stores around the world on the weekend of September 17-19.

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