Portal Games has announced Eleven, a game that puts players in charge of competing football (soccer) teams, with release scheduled for September 2022.

Eleven is a game about operating a competitive football team.  Players must acquire and train players, attract sponsors, hire staff, and modernize their stadiums while trying to satisfy the demands of their team’s board of directors and balancing the economic demands of the organization.  The game is played over eight “weeks,” each ending with a match that can affect each team’s standing.  But winning games is not the only goal, as victory points are also awarded for having popular players, effective staff, and accomplishing team objectives.

Eleven was designed by Thomas Jansen and developed by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Robinson Crusoe, Detective), based on Jansen’s 2017 self-published game Club Stories.  It is intended for 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, and takes about 90 minutes to play.  The game comes with 4 stadium boards, 4 club boards, 4 team boards, 1 league table, 274 cards, 110 wooden tokens, 8 dice, 94 cardboard tokens, 28 tiles, and 6 solo scenarios.  MSRP has not been announced as of this writing.

Portal has raised €216,078 (about $255,484) through a crowd-funding campaign on Gamefound to finance production of the game, attracting 2,184 backers (an average of about €192.94 or $228.13 per backer).

The company will be releasing Bruno Faidutti’s Dreadful Circus (see “Portal Games Announces ‘Dreadful Circus’”) and a new expansion for Detective (see “New ‘Detective’ Expansion Features Feathered and Furry Companions”) later this year.