In its meeting on Thursday, the GAMA board of directors voted to expel Jeff Bergren, President of retail chain and franchise operation The Gaming Goat, and the company’s publishing division TGG Games from Origins Game Fair, coming up next weekend (see “GAMA Pushes Origins Game Fair Back”).  In a statement accompanying the announcement, the organization cited the show’s harassment policy, which includes provisions on social media behavior, including “…targeted comments which are intended to cause personal offense to another Origins participant, either in-person at the event or through social media channels.”

“Based on numerous instances brought to the attention of the GAMA organization, including on the GAMA Member Facebook page, the Board has determined that the actions of both Jeff Bergren and TGG-Games is in violation of this code of conduct and they have been expelled from the show as an exhibitor,” the organization said.

Last week, Bergren was expelled from Gen Con, but TGG Games was allowed to exhibit (see “The Gaming Goat President Expelled from Gen Con”).