Legend Story Studios updated its banned and restricted list for Flesh and Blood TCG.

In this update, LSS banned the Majestic rare Duskblade from the newly released Tales of Aria set which dropped on September 24. LSS referred to the card as a “mistake” and stated that it was not subjected to the Classic Constructed playtesting process it should have been. The card will still be legal in the Blitz format.

LSS also banned the red, blue, and yellow versions of Seeds of Agony from Monarch. It was banned from both Classic Constructed and Blitz because the card was the primary engine that made Chane's predominantly strategy oppressive to the viability of other aggro decks. The banning of Seeds will reduce the power levels of Chane decks, and will likely make other decks more competitive.

TCGplayer and Legend Story Studios recently teamed up for a Flesh and Blood TCG campaign tied to the launch of Tales of Aria (see “New DTC Program to Benefit Game Stores“).