Wizards of the Coast announced Secretversary Superdrop 2021, a new wave of Secret Lair sets for Magic: The Gathering, for preorder from November 29 to December 23.

WotC couldn't resist running the printing presses one more time in 2021, and releasing another round of Secret Lair drop sets. They had recently teased their Arcane: League of Legends set as part of this new massive Superdrop (see "'Magic: The Gathering' Will Feature Netflix's 'Arcane: League of Legends'"). Now, they have released the names of the 18 sets included in this wave of releases, which is double the 9 sets released in 2020's Secretversary Superdrop (see "Secretversary' Superdrop"). Among the highlights of this Superdrop, they will print a Dracula-themed version of Exquisite Blood and Phyrexian Tower as part of the Welcome to Castle Dracula set and offer a fully-playable Commander deck in the Heads I Win, Tails You Lose set.

The following sets will be offered in this latest drop:

  • Secret Lair X Arcane ($29.99; Foil $39.99): 1 Path to Exile, 1 Rhystic Study as "Unstable Harmonics," 1 Duress, 1 Seize the Day as "Round Two," 1 Krosan Grip as "Denting Blows," 1 Counterflux, and 1 Thran Dynamo as "The Hexcore".
  • Secret Lair X Arcane: Lands ($29.99; Foil $39.99): 1 Island, 1 Plains, 1 Mountain, 1 Swamp, and 1 Forest. Each land portrays an iconic location from Piltover and Zaun.
  • Welcome to Castle Dracula ($29.99; Foil $39.99): 1 Exquisite Blood as "Hunger of the Ancient One," 1 Night's Whisper as "Nightfeeder's Visitation," and 1 Phyrexian Tower as "Dracula's Tomb".
  • The Dracula Lands ($29.99; Foil $39.99): 1 Full-art Plains, 1 Full-art Island, 1 Full-art Swamp, 1 Full-art Mountain, and 1 Full-art Forest.
  • Fblthp: Completely, Utterly, Totally Lost ($29.99; Foil $39.99): 1 Borderless Path to Exile, 1 Borderless Well of Lost Dreams, 1 Borderless Frantic Search, 1 Borderless Intruder Alarm, and 1 Borderless Shelldock Isle. This set features the art of Marija Tiurina, and is a homage to the Where's Waldo? books of the late 80s.
  • Crocodile Jackson's Monstrous Menagerie ($29.99; Foil Etched $39.99): 1 Borderless Ravenous Chupacabra, 1 Borderless Managorger Hydra, 1 Borderless Pathbreaker Ibex, 1 Borderless Temur Sabertooth, and 1 Borderless Winding Constrictor.
  • Far Out, Man ($29.99; Foil $39.99): 1 Borderless Aether Gust, 1 Borderless Counterspell, 1 Borderless Fabricate, 1 Borderless Fact or Fiction, and 1 Borderless Mystical Tutor. This set features the work of Marvel cover artist Mateus Manhanini (see "Preview: 'Marvel's Voices: Comunidades' #1 Covers").
  • PixelSnowLands.jpg  ($29.99; Foil $39.99; Foil Etched $39.99): 1 Snow-Covered Plains, 1 Snow-Covered Island, 1 Snow-Covered Swamp, 1 Snow-Covered Mountain, and 1 Snow-Covered Forest. These lands features pixelated snowscapes by artist Jubilee.  
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose ($99.99): This drop set includes an entire commander deck. It comes with 1 Foil reversible borderless Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom; 1 Foil reversible borderless Okaun, Eye of Chaos; 1 Foil reversible borderless Propaganda; 1 Foil reversible borderless Stitch in Time; 1 Foil reversible borderless Krark's Thumb;  45 additional foil reprints; 50 non-foil reprints; 1 super-special coin; 2 Display commanders; 10 double-faced tokens; 1 Deck box; 1 Life Wheel; 1 strategy insert; and 1 reference card

This drop also includes four bundles. The Non-Foil Second Secretversary Bundle comes with one of each on the entirely non-foil sets (9 total) for $199.99, and the Foil Second Secretversary Bundle comes with one of each of the entirely foil ones (9 total) for $299.99. The Bundle Bundle comes with a Non-Foil Second Secretversary Bundle and a Foil Second Secretversary Bundle  for $479.99, and The Bundled Bundle Bundle comes with everything in The Bundle Bundle plus the Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Commander deck for $549.99.

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