Van Ryder Games and Lucky Duck Games have partnered to produce The Dark Quarter, an app-driven game of supernatural mystery set in 1980s New Orleans, releasing later this year.

In the game, the players become investigators for the Beaumont Agency, working together to solve mysteries.  But this version of New Orleans is steeped in the supernatural, and even seemingly mundane crimes have a mystical edge to them.  During their investigations, they must also deal with their own lurking personal issues, which are in turn connected to the overall storyline.

The Dark Quarter uses an app to drive the game, telling stories over a series of linked scenarios where the decisions of the players determine the course of the overall campaign.

The game was created by Evan Derrick (Detective:  City of Angels, Final Girl).  The publishers will seek funding for the production through a Kickstarter campaign launching next month.  Release dates and MSRP have not been announced.

Earlier this year, Lucky Duck announced plans to produce a mystery game based on the BBC series Sherlock (see “Lucky Duck Takes on ‘Sherlock’”).