Atomic Mass Games revealed Star Wars X-Wing 2E: Rogue-Class Starfighter, a new ship expansion pack, for release on May 27, 2022.

These ships were used by General Grievous' MagnaGuards during the Clone Wars and feature a combination of powerful engines and devastating laser cannons. Later on, the ship was used by infamous bounty hunters such as Cad Bane, whose ship was equipped with a cloaking device and overtuned main weapons. This pack comes with two painted Rogue-class Starfighters, four maneuver dials (two for each faction), an assortment of tokens, 13 Ship cards, and 17 Upgrade cards.

It will retail for $47.99.

Atomic Mass Games unveiled Razor Crest Expansion Pack and Pride of Mandalore Reinforcement Pack, for Star Wars X-Wing 2E (see "Atomic Mass Games Adds Mandalorian Ship").

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