Lucky Duck Games will release Turtle Splash!, a children's game, into U.S. retail.

In Turtle Splash!, players are attempting to help the Turtle get down river to the lake. They take turns flicking the Turtle down the River, and flip over animal tiles based on how close to the center of the lake they land. As they reveal tiles, they get to move their beach balls along the track on their player board. The goal of the game is for a player to get all three beach balls to the end row of their player board.

The game box comes with a Lake Board, a River Track, 2 Removable Barriers, 4 personal boards, 4 Swim Ring tokens, 12 Ball tokens, a Turtle token, 12 Animal tiles, and a rulebook. This game is for two to four players, ages 5 and up, and plays in 15 minutes. It will retail for $24.99.

Lucky Duck Games will also release Tidal Blades: Banner Festival, a new standalone card game (see "'Tidal Blades: Banner Festival'").