Deadpool will be back in November with a new ongoing series from Marvel Comics, written by Alyssa Wong (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, Iron Fist) with art by Martin Coccolo (Hulk vs. Thor: Banner War).  The series starts with Deadpool auditioning for Atelier, an elite group who doesn’t let just anyone in.  To make the cut, he has to kill a notorious supervillain within the next 48 hours, but it’s complicated: He has been kidnapped and something very odd is happening to his body.  Deadpool #1 will go on sale on November 2 with a cover by Coccolo.

“I love chaos. And what is Deadpool if not chaos incarnate?” said Wong in a statement accompanying the announcement.  “I’m honored to take the reins for Wade's next solo adventure—expect romance, expect body horror, and expect a wild time!”