An ICv2 Release.  Insights, news, and market information from ICv2 Insider Talks on distribution, webtoons, and crowdfunding are now becoming available on the ICv2 website, the primary source of information on the business of geek culture.  "We want to share as much of this great experience with our readers as we can," ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp said of the effort.  The ICv2 Insider Talks and Happy Hour were held at New York Comic Con on October 6 (see "ICv2 Insider Talks").

Articles (and videos) from the ICv2 Insider Talks:
ICv2 Insider Talks: The Shifting Landscape of Direct Distribution
ICv2 Insider Talks: Kickstarter and the New World of Crowdfunding
WEBTOON Nearly $1B in Global Revenue
Video: Webtoon's David Lee with Rob Salkowitz [PRO]
Video: Kickstarter's Oriana Leckert with Heidi MacDonald [PRO]
Video: Diamond's Chris Powell and Lunar's Christina Merkler with Milton Griepp [PRO]
Video and Slide Deck: ICv2 White Paper 2022 - Supply Chains in Flux [PRO]

Watch this space as we add more from the ICv2 Insider Talks.

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