Osprey Games has announces four new game expansions created by veteran designer Joseph A. McCullough (Frostgrave, Stargrave), including two titles for Stargrave, a new sourcebook for The Silver Bayonet, and a new Frostgrave supplement.

Stargrave, Osprey’s science fiction tabletop miniatures game (see “Osprey Games Announces ‘Stargrave’”) will be expanded by the Stargrave:  Side Hustle supplement in March.  This deck of 40 cards provides players with a way to introduce randomly-determined side missions and objectives to add another layer of complexity to their games.  Each card describes a specific objective and the steps the player must undertake to complete it, as well as the reward they receive for doing so.  MSRP is $24.00.

Then, in October, Stargrave:  Bold Endeavour offers rules for playing games set in the Erebus Nebula, a region of space where the laws of physics behave differently.  This book describes new scenarios that challenge players to encounter a strange new alien species, possibly gathering new technology, recruits, and fortune.  New rules for ships, upgrades, emergency extractions, and events round out the book.

In May, Osprey will release The Silver Bayonet:  The Carpathians:  Castle Fier, a sourcebook for its gothic horror tabletop game (see “Battle Through a Napoleonic Gothic Horror Landscape in ‘The Silver Bayonet’”).  Set in the famous Carpathian Mountains, this book features two new campaigns, including one intended for competitive play and one for solo or cooperative games.  Both center around the shunned ruins of Castle Fier.  Also included are new monsters, soldiers, and treasures.  MSRP is $25.00.

Rounding out the quartet of new titles is Frostgrave:  The Wildwoods, releasing in June for the Frostgrave Second Edition.  This game supplement moves the action outside the ruins of the Frozen City and into the dark and twisted forests of the Wildwoods.  In addition to describing the setting, this book features rules for survival in the wilderness, new soldiers, magic items, and creatures to populate the forest.  MSRP $30.00.

Last month, Osprey launched its film noir-inspired roleplaying game Hard City (see “Delve into the Hardboiled Action of ‘Hard City:  Noir Roleplaying’”) and a pulp action-style miniatures game (see “Skirmish Wargaming in a Pulp Setting’”).