Osprey Games announced the fourth title in David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin’s Undaunted series.  Undaunted: Battle of Britain will launch on June 13.

In this installment, the game tackles aerial warfare during the famous Battle of Britain.  Players take command of the RAF defending the British Isles or the German Luftwaffe seeking to bring Britain to heel.  Each player uses the game's deckbuilding mechanics to resolve dogfights between aircraft, avoid anti-aircraft fire, and call upon the talents of ace pilots to achieve their objectives.

Undaunted: Battle of Britain comes with 116 cards, 31 map tiles, 4 dice, and 58 tokens.  The game is scenario driven, with each scenario taking a little under an hour to play.  Intended for two players, ages 14 and up.  MSRP is $55.00.  It features artwork by Roland MacDonald (Kaiju Crush, Undaunted:  Normandy).

The first Undaunted game, covering the Normandy invasion, premiered in 2019 (see “Osprey Games Hits the Beaches with ‘Undaunted:  Normandy’”).  It was followed in 2020 by a North Africa version and in 2022 by Undaunted: Stalingrad (see “Battle on the Eastern Front with ‘Undaunted:  Stalingrad’”).

Thompson and Benjamin also collaborated on Osprey’s General Orders, releasing this autumn (see “Osprey to Issue ‘General Orders:  World War II’”).