Atomic Mass Games will release Star Wars: Shatterpoint terrain and gaming accessories at launch, and more Squad Packs in July, the company announced.  The core game (see "’Star Wars’ Miniatures Skirmish Game") will launch on June 2 at $164.99, along with the first two Squad Packs: the Hello There Squad Pack, featuring General Kenobi; and the Twice the Pride Squad Pack, featuring Count Dooku and Jango Fett (see "Kenobi, Dooku Face Off"), both at $49.99.

Two terrain packs are planned for release on June 2: Take Cover Terrain Pack and High Ground Terrain Pack, both at $74.99.  The Take Cover Terrain Pack includes a Swoop Bike, a GNK Power Droid, and a generator, along with plenty of other terrain pieces that can give troops cover.  The High Ground Terrain Pack includes two gantries and two power frames that can be built, assembled, and painted.

Atomic Mass will also release a dice pack and measuring tools at launch.  Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Dice Pack will include 8 attack dice and 6 defense dice like those in the Core SetStar Wars: Shatterpoint – Measuring Tools will include four range tools and three movement tools to supplement those found in the Core Set.  MSRP for both accessory SKUs is $14.99.

Two new Squad Packs will be released on July 7: Appetite for Destruction Squad Pack and Plans and Preparation Squad Pack, both at $49.99.  Appetite for Destruction Squad Pack includes a new squad of General Grievous, Kraken, and two B2 Battle Droids, along with all the stat, order, and stance cards that go with the characters.  Plans and Preparation Squad Pack includes Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, Padawan Bariss Offee, and two Republic Clone Commandos, along with the accompanying cards.

Atomic Mass will offer an Initiation Kit and a Retail Event Support Kit for retailers to use in-store (see "Atomic Mass Plans Kits").

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