Hasbro and Mattel have signed a multi-year licensing agreement to make crossover co-branded toys and games, the companies announced. The licensing agreement revolves around brands involved in the two companies' upcoming theatrical releases for summer 2023.

The toy industry just got a little bizarre as the two largest toy companies in the U.S., who have classically been rivals in the space, have decided to create co-branded products to help boost brands involved in their summer movie slate. Hasbro will release a Barbie-branded Monopoly game in Fall 2023 after Mattel's Barbie movie hits theaters (see "'Barbie'"). Mattel will, in turn, make Transformers-branded Uno games and Hot Wheels cars which will release after Transformers: Rise of the Beasts arrives (see "'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' Trailers"). Both companies are likely using this cross-branding opportunity to help rebound from their recent post-pandemic struggles due to a weaker than usual toy market. 

Recently, Disney parceled out major licenses, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Disney Princesses, and Frozen, between these two toy companies (see "Disney Parcels Out Major Licenses").