At GAMA Expo 2023, Ravensburger had Disney Lorcana TCG products on display at their booth.  ICv2 took some pictures of the product line on display, including the foil preview cards.

Disney Lorcana TCG is scheduled to hit retail with a full-line of boosters, starters, and a bundle (see "'Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter' Product Line").  In the U.S., will be launched exclusively at FLGS first on August 18, 2023, and then at mass on September 1, 2023, with four sets of Disney Lorcana released per year beyond that point.  Ravensburger will also launch an organized play program  with the game in August and will provide prize support (see "'Disney Lorcana' Organized Play Program").  However, according to Ryan Miller (co-designer and Brand Manager of Disney Lorcana TCG, Ravensburger North America) at the Disney Lorcana TCG retailer seminar, software for running tournaments will not be immediately available upon launch.  Ravensburger will also produce accessories for the game, which include playmats and card portfolios.

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