Steamforged Games has reached a deal with Blacklist Games LLC to acquire the rights to the Altar Quest board game and its associate IP.

Set in the fantasy world of Aridika, Altar Quest is a dungeon-crawl style board game for one to four players that is played on a modular game board.  The players become heroes sent into the dungeon on a series of quests, where they must face not only monstrous enemies but also the unstable Altar Magic.  The game is designed to support both one-off games as well as campaign play.  Altar Quest combines elements of dungeon-crawl board games and deck-building games to create a cooperative, strategic play style.

Steamforged Game will continue to develop, produce, and distribute Altar Quest and related items.

Altar Quest was the focus of a 2019 Kickstarter campaign that raised $620,454 for Blacklist from 5,355 backers (an average of $115.86 per backer).

Earlier this year, Steamforged acquired the rights to Kinghill from Czech-studio Purple Dragon (see “Steamforged Acquires the ‘Kinghill’ IP and Board Game”).  The company has also announced plans for a Sea of Thieves board game (see “Steamforged Announces ‘Sea of Thieves’ Board Game”) and one based on Monster Hunter World Iceborne (see “Steamforged Games Reveals ‘Monster Hunter World Iceborne:  The Board Game’”).