The Game Manufacturers Association and Six Sides of Gaming have partnered up with Anime Central to offer Celebrity Side Quest, a Dungeons and Dragons 5E live-play session on stage.

The live-play session will occur at Anime Central, which happens in Rosemont, IL from May 19 to May 21, 2023. In the session, The Guild's Vince Caso takes a party of adventurers on epic quest in front of a live audience. The party of celebrity players for this show include longtime game designer Elisa Teague (formerly of Renegade and Playroom, see "Elisa Teague"), Tommy Grofton (The Gamers, Cowboy Bebop Board Game Boogie, Naruto Village Defenders), Surena Marie (Dimension 20, Critical Role) and Faye Mata (League of Legends, SonoKuba, Fire Emblem). Ashelia Rinkou (Phase Connect Vtuber) will also join the group digitally.

GAMA will also be running the gaming track for Anime Central as part of their Grow Gaming Everywhere initiative. They will be rolling out their Game Library, which showcases various members' games, and running TTRPG panels. Members can donate to the Library by sending in two copies of their games to the GAMA home office.