Marvel has partnered with Random House imprint Random House Worlds to produce a series of “What If…?” adult prose novels that will put new spins on the classic Marvel characters.

The first three books in the series will be What If…Loki Was Worthy? A Loki and Valkyrie Story, by Madeleine Roux, scheduled for March 12, 2024; What If…Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker Were Siblings? A Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man Story, by Seanan McGuire, scheduled for July 2024; and What If…Marc Spector Was a Host to Venom? A Moon Knight and Venom Story, by Mike Chen, slated for October 2024.

Penguin Random House Audio will publish audiobook versions of all three novels.

In the first novel, What If…Loki Was Worthy? A Loki and Valkyrie Story, Loki is banished to Earth after one of his pranks turns deadly and ends up costing Thor his life. Then a Valkyrie arrives with Thor’s last request, that Loki pass along Mjolnir to Dr. Jane Foster, while a grief-stricken Iron Man, bent on revenge, creates a deadly suit of armor from Asgardian weapons.

Aconyte struck a deal with Marvel in 2019 to publish prose novels based on Marvel characters (see “Aconyte Unveils First Marvel Novel Titles”).