Wizards of the Coast updated details on D&D Planescape, a new campaign boxed set, which will hit stores on October 17, 2023.

This three-book set was originally teased back in 2022 (see “Wizards of the Coast Teases 2023 ‘D&D’ Product Slate”) and fleshed out in May 2023 (see "'Planescape' Plans"). Since then, new details have arisen about the set.  The three books now have names: Sigil and the Outlands, Turn of Fortune's Wheel, and Morte's Planar Parade.  Sigil and the Outlands is the actual 96-page setting book and Turn of Fortune's Wheel, also 96 pages, contains an adventure that is for characters levels 3-10 that later jumps to a level 17 adventure. Morte's Planar Parade is 64-page bestiary, which provides information about the monsters in the setting.

The set now also comes with a poster map and a DM screen.  The poster map is double-sided, one side is the map of Sigil and the other is the Outlands.  The DM screen is a four-panel screen that features Planescape art on one side.  This set will also come as an alternate art cover version.

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