The digital webtoon platform Webtoon has teamed up with the ebook publisher Aethon to adapt 14 webnovels into webtoons.

Several of the Aethon properties are best sellers, including Defiance of the Fall, by TheFirstDefier, which had ebook sales of over 100,000, and Dungeon Crawler Carl, by Matt Dinniman, which sold over 100,000 copies in audiobook form.

Webtoon and Aethon will be working with several comics studios, including Laurel Pursuit, Moonquill, Kisai Entertainment, Cocoon Productions, on the adaptations.

The webnovels all fall into various fantasy genres, including isekai (reincarnation stories), Xianxia (Chinese fantasy), magic academies, and LitRPG stories, which incorporate RPG elements such as statistics and leveling up into the narrative. The 14 titles are

  • Defiance of the Fall by TheFirstDefier (J F Brink)
  • Dungeon Crawler Carl by Matt Dinniman
  • System Universe by SunriseCV 
  • Mark of the Fool by JM Clarke
  • Oh Great! I was Reincarnated as a Farmer by Benjamin Kerei
  • Bastion: Immortal Great Souls by Phil Tucker
  • Mage Errant by John Bierce
  • All the Skills by Honour Rae
  • Super Powereds by Drew Hayes
  • The Path of Ascension by C. Mantis
  • My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror by Actus
  • Reborn as a Demonic Tree by Xkarnation
  • RE: Monarch by J. McCoy
  • The Laws of Cultivation (Qi=MC^2) by KrazeKode

Two other Aethon series are currently running on Webtoon: Re: Trailer Trash, by FortySixtyFour, adapted by Yishan Li, and The Primal Hunter, by Zogarth, adapted by the Vietnam-based UnoDay Studio.

Vault Comics is also adapting Aethon titles to comics (see “Vault Partners with Ebook and Audiobook Publisher Aethon”). Webtoon merged with the webnovel platform Wattpad in 2021 and has also been publishing adaptations of those titles (see “ICv2 Interview: David Lee, VP of Content at Webtoon”).