Magic: The Gathering topped the TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed Products chart for second time in a row in February 2024 with their Universes Beyond: Fallout Commander Deck Cases.  The TCGplayer chart (see "February 2024") ranks the most active products on the platform by dollar volume, showing the beginning and ending prices of each product, as well as helped provide a clearer of picture of where 2024 is headed for the TCG market.

The Universes Beyond Fallout set has become a popular Magic: The Gathering product line for collectors over the last several weeks, as rumors of its smaller-than-normal print run size continue to swirl about the community. These rumors and strong Fallout fan interest were likely the main drivers behind Universes Beyond: Fallout - Collector Booster Displays going from $242.39 to $331.36 (about a 33% increase) over the course of the month.  The momentum that carried Universes Beyond: Fallout Commander Deck Cases to the #1 spot was probably organic EDH demand for the new decks.

In general, the Big Five TCGs ruled the chart again.  Disney Lorcana TCG had a decent run with the Into the Inklands set release, which grabbed #2 and #4 on the chart.  One Piece TCG also did well with the Awakening of the New Era set.  Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG were both in the top 10 with their new booster sets, which is more or less expected.

The two "one-slotters" on the chart were the Dragon Ball Super Fusion World: Awakened Pulse booster box and the Digimon CG: Exceed Apocalypse booster box (both Bandai products).  Dragon Ball Super Fusion World: Awakened Pulse is the newest iteration of the long-standing card game, which apparently was well-received by fans, and Digimon CG made its once-every-couple-of-months appearance.  Bandai is going to be a very interesting company to watch over the next year because of the Union Arena TCG and Sand Land Tactical Card Battle (see "Sand Land").  Union Arena has very much the feel of a game changer for Bandai (see "'Union Arena TCG' English Edition") because allows them to tap into the profit power of some of their other monster manga IPs like Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, and Jujutsu Kaisen.