Image Comics will launch a new line of smaller, lower-priced graphic novels for Saga, one of its best-selling graphic novel series, in September.  The first of the new 6" x 9" editions has been bargain-priced at $9.99; Volume 1 of the standard trade paperback edition also retails for $9.99.  Volumes 2 and up of the 6" x 9" editions will likely be priced at $14.99, an Image spokesperson told ICv2.  Recent volumes of the standard edition retail for $16.99.

The 6" x 9" format has been more commonly used for titles appropriate for younger readers in the past. For example, Image launched 6" x 9" editions of the Invincible collections last summer (see "New ‘Invincible’").  Marvel Comics began releasing 6" x 9" editions of its Marvel Masterworks line back in 2021 (see "Less Pricey Masterworks Collections").

The new Saga editions reflect a newer trend: releasing 6" x 9" versions of titles for older readers as a way to create a lower-priced option with different hand.  DC Comics was the first we saw announce this strategy; it’s launching $9.99 digest-sized editions of titles from the adult comics line, including Watchmen, this summer (see "DC Launches Compact Comics").

The first volume of the new Saga editions will feature a new cover by Fiona Staples.