Marvel Comics will collect the first part of the Dazzler saga in a massive, 1,360-page omnibus that brings together all the Dazzler stories published in the 1980s, starting with the original stories by Tom DeFalco and John Romita Jr. Dazzler Omnibus will include X-Men (1963) #130-131, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #203, Dazzler (1981) #1-42, Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) #12, Beauty And The Beast #1-4, Secret Wars II #4, and material from What If (1977) #33 and Marvel Fanfare (1982) #38.  The book will be released on October 1, 2024, with an MSRP of $150.  The main cover will be by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau and the direct market variant will be by Bob Larkin.

Dazzler, a mutant whose superpower is the ability to convert sound to light and energy beams, was originally conceived in 1979 as a joint project between Marvel Comics and Casablanca Records.  Casablanca eventually dropped out, and the character went through several changes before evolving into her final form.  The solo series Dazzler launched in 1981 and was Marvel’s first direct market-exclusive series (see “How the Drive to Get Comics Created the Direct Market”), with first-issue sales of about 400,000.  The original series ran for 42 issues, and since then the character has appeared in Uncanny X-Men and other X-Men series and as a member of  A-Force (see “G. Willow Wilson’s All-Female Avengers Team Gets Series”).  Marvel introduced an Earth-65 version of Dazzler as a member of Gwen Stacy’s band in the miniseries Spider-Gwen: Smash (see “Spider-Gwen Miniseries to Launch in December”).

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