Cryptozoic Entertainment has launched the Kickstarter, including a retailer tier, for Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game, based on the Cartoon Network series.  Last summer, Cryptozoic announced the license and revealed some information on the 5E-compatible game engine, developed in conjunction with Forever Stoked Creative, headed up by Matt Fantastic (see “Cryptozoic Licenses ‘Adventure Time’”).

Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game products include a Core Book: Prismo’s Guide to Adventures in Ooo and Adventure Book: Quest for the Shadow Gems, both of which will eventually be available to the trade

Also included in the Kickstarter, and available in the retailer tier, are a number of campaign exclusive items: Adventure Time Dice Set, Jake’s Shmowzow Guide to Roleplaying Games, Adventure Time Dice Bag, and Adventure Time Character Journal.  The Core Book and Adventure Book will come in a Kickstarter exclusive slipcase for the two volumes.

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