Devir Games will release Planta Nubo, a Eurogame by The Game Builders, into U.S. retail in October 2024.

In this game, created by reknowned designers Michael Keller, Andreas "Ode" Odendahl, and Uwe Rosenberg, players ascend to cloudy gardens of the Arbors to grow energy-rich flowers and plants in cloudy gardens.  Planta Nubo is another Kemushi Saga title that tells the story of an ancient world that started with Silk (see "'Silk") and had continued on through Daitoshi (see "'Daitoshi'").  In this portion of the story, players will then need to deliver various biomass goods between cities in order gain gold.

It is a delivery game with worker and tile placement mechanics.  The overall goal is to build-up Oxyfarms and produce the most oxygen in an effort to help bring a desolate ocean of sand back to life (see "'Sand'").  This game is for one to four players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 30-120 minutes.