The Transformers Compendium, due out April 9, 2025, reprints 48 issues from the 1980s Marvel Comics series at a $64.99 MSRP. The bookstore and digital release date is April 22, 2025.

This is the first volume, collecting The Transformers #1-44 (originally published 1984-1988) and Headmasters #1-4 (1987).  A second volume, completing the 80-issue run, is due later in 2025. Together, they celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Transformers franchise by collecting every issue of the original Marvel series.

The creators of the reprinted stories include writers Bob Budiansky, Bill Mantlo, and Jim Salicrup and artists Frank Springer, Don Perlin, and Jose Delbo.  There’s also a Spider-Man guest appearance.

Skybound aims to create “the most comprehensive Hasbro backlist publishing program possible.”  Along those lines, they previously announced the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Compendium (see “Skybound to Collect G.I. Joe Comics”), coming in October 2024, which is currently crowdfunding.