Mantic Games released images of their new Kings of War: Armada faction boat miniatures. Kings of War: Armada naval miniatures game is scheduled to be released into retail in November (see "Mantic Games Unveils 'Kings of War: Armada'").

The following boat miniature are included in this article are as follows:

  • Dreadnought-class Ironclad (Dwarf)
  • GrimmStone Ironclad (Dwarf)
  • RuneAxe Ironclad (Dwarf)
  • Monolith (Empire of Dust)
  • Khopeshii (Empire of Dust)
  • War Gallery (Empire of Dust)
  • Ripper Hulk (Orcs)
  • Smasher (Orcs)
  • Hammerfist (Orcs)
  • Dictator-class Battle Ship (Basileans)
  • Abbess-class Battle Ship (Basileans)
  • Elohi-class Warship (Basileans)

Mantic Games also unveiled Kings of War: War in the Holds – Two Player Starter Set, an introductory set for the Kings of War miniatures game, for release in October (see "Mantic Games Unveils 'Kings of War: War in the Holds - Two Player Starter Set'").

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