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Strong Sales Throughout Top 20
August 6, 2021
Sales have been strong all year, and July 2021 was no exception.
No New 'Dog Man' This September, but a Good Month Regardless
October 14, 2021
Things are looking up on the chart of the top 20 Kids graphic novels in the book channel, even though there's no new September Dog Man release.
Flattening the Curve
January 10, 2022
December 2021 sales were flat compared to the previous year, but that’s in the context of a huge increase in 2019.
Wacky Superheroes, Magical Quests, and Middle School Drama
April 25, 2022
Creators have lined up kids’ graphic novels in a variety of genres, from action to fantasy to slice-of-life stories.
Sales Strong; Dog Man Slipping
June 7, 2021
Sales of kids graphic novels were strong in May, but Dog Man is off its highs.
Dog Days for Dog Man
July 13, 2022
Lower sales year over year, and the big dog isn't as big.
Pilkey Owns Kids Top 20
September 8, 2022
Dog Man and Cat Kid creator Dav PIlkey continued his dominance of the Top 20 book channel Kids graphic novels.
The Numbers Are Down, Except When They're Not
August 9, 2018
PopularMMOS Presents A Hole New World sold more copies in July than in June.
For the Second Month in a Row a New Book Breaks into the Lineup
August 9, 2018
A graphic novel based on a popular media property has zoomed out of nowhere onto the charts.
Change Comes Slowly
May 12, 2020
The consistency of young readers' tastes are evident once more from the list of the Top 20 Kids Graphic Novels in the book channel.
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