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The First D20?
December 3, 2003
Christie's Antiquities auction, scheduled for December 11th, contains an item of particular interest to those in the RPG business -- a 2nd century R om an 20-sided die.
First Series
October 15, 2003
Jakks has revealed details of its first series of Universal Classic Monsters, due out in January/February 2004.
Available to Retailers in January
September 16, 2003
Seattle-based T.A.L.K. Inc. has WizKids' blessing (and license) on its designer collectible minis cases.
Protecting the d20 Trademark, While Allowing Freedom Under The OGL
September 9, 2003
Charles Ryan, the Category Manager for RPGs at Wizards of the Coast, has provided ICv2 with responses to questions we posed about the addition of 'decency' standards to the d20 license.
In Favor Of The OGL
September 11, 2003
Avalanche Press has announced that it is repositioning of its RPG line in the wake of changes announced by Wizards of the Coast.
For Book of Erotic Fantasy, Other Projects
September 8, 2003
Wizards of the Coast's incorporation of 'decency' standards into its d20 trademark license has led Valar Project publisher Anthony Valterra to declare that the company will not use the d20 logo on any products, whether or not they would meet the new standards.
For April 2004
August 7, 2003
Wizards of the Coast is planning to publish an expanded edition of the popular Psionics Handbook for its flagship Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.
Documentary Released on DVD in May
August 6, 2003
A new documentary explores the uniquely American Halloween phenomenon known as a Hell House.
Retailer & Subscriber Editions Will Be The Same
July 28, 2003
Paizo Publishing will no longer be creating a special 16-page adventure section for the subscriber edition of Dungeon Magazine .
More Space, More Rooms, Big Releases
July 27, 2003
Despite a few opening day registration problems, GenCon settled into its new digs at the Indiana Convention Center after 35 years in Wisconsin.
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