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Two Lines from WizKids
February 17, 2014
We spoke to WizKids CEO Justin Ziran at Toy Fair.
Column by Scott Thorne
February 16, 2014
This week, Thorne looks at the upcoming D&D Minis from WizKids.
Launching This Summer
February 7, 2014
Dungeons and Dragons minis due out this summer.
And 'Prophecy' Reprint
February 4, 2014
Also, a reprint of Prophecy board game, both in Q2.
Column by Scott Thorne
February 3, 2014
This week, Thorne explains why he's signing up for TableTop Day.
Multi-Platform Event Is Biggest Yet
January 23, 2014
First chance to play against the Dragon Queen Tiamat.
'Bravery or Insanity'
January 21, 2014
Dave Salisbury of Fan Boy Three comments on the White Dwarf publishing change.
Column by Steve Bennett
January 15, 2014
This week, Bennett covers comic stores on TV, and the new Astro Boy .
From Fox
January 13, 2014
20th Century Fox is developing Magic as a franchise, multi-film property.
Based on Impact
January 2, 2014
This is our list of the most important events in the hobby games business in 2013.
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