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Tied in with WotC's Book of Vile Darkness
August 19, 2002
Paizo Publishing, the new publisher of Dungeon and Dragon Adventures has announced that upcoming issues will contain special sealed sections with 'edgy, mature content.'
His August Favorite
July 30, 2002
It's been about a year since pamphleteer Jack Chick took on D&D, and apparently that means it's time for another broadside. In his latest 'Battle Cry,' dated July/August 2002, Chick carries on a long comparison between D&D and a hypothetical group sexual fantasy,...
To New Company with Familiar Faces
July 10, 2002
Confirming long-standing rumors, Wizards of the Coast has announced that it has reached an agreement with new company Paizo Publishing, LLC for Paizo to publish Dragon and Dungeon Adventures magazines.
Columnists Attack Webslinger
June 3, 2002
In the inevitable fulfillment of American media's build 'em up and tear 'em down cycle, ICv2 ran across two newspaper pieces that attacked Spider-Man in the last few days...
Also Game Boy Advance
May 28, 2002
Infogrames has announced D&D -based electronic games for PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance.
d20 Adventure by Gary Gygax
April 3, 2002
Gary Gygax, co-creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons RPG, is back with a fresh adventure module for the d20 system.
LOTR Expands Interest in Fantasy Genre
January 13, 2002
Wizards of the Coast has announced that combined sales on its three core rulebooks for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition have exceeded 1 million copies since August 2000, and that sales are continuing to increase.
'Preserve the Integrity of the Industry'
January 9, 2002
In response to Precedence Entertainment offering single 'rare' cards from its Rifts CCG to consumers, over thirty retailers affixed their names to this letter protesting the practice.
'City Confidential' Tackles 80s Murder Case
October 3, 2001
An episode of 'City Confidential' that aired on the Arts and Entertainment Network on Wednesday, October 3, 2001 featured an hour-long story on the murder of Lieth Von Stein in Washington, North Carolina in 1988 by his stepson and two accomplices, implicitly connecting the murder to Dungeons and Dragons numerous times throughout the piece.
Viz, Image Launch Titles in December
September 24, 2001
This December Viz will publish the first English edition of Kazushi Hagiwara's Bastard!!, while Image Comics will debut a prime example of American 'manga,' Bastard Samurai .
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