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Begins Shooting in Europe This Year
April 7, 2004
Filming on Dungeons and Dragons 2 will begin later this year in Europe.
Comic Stores Can Benefit
April 4, 2004
J. Carmody of Serenity Studios in Sydney, Australia saw our coverage of Marvel Comics new distribution deal for comics in bookstores and the comments and feels that comic stores can benefit from this move, and that Marvel might not.
Will Include Fantasy, Horror, Superheroes
March 25, 2004
Paizo Publishing will re-launch the venerable science fiction anthology magazine Amazing Stories.
Except RPGs
March 21, 2004
The new ICv2 Retailers Guide to Games #4 reports that the 2003 game market grew in three of four categories over the previous year, with CCGs, miniature games, and board and family games all up, and RPGs down.
Including Big Retailer Event
March 21, 2004
Wizards of the Coast announced a new retro product and more at the GAMA Trade Show.
Company and Product of the Year
January 7, 2004
Wizards of the Coast receives our 2003 Game Company of the Year Award.
Lord of the Rings Online to Follow
December 16, 2003
Gaining an $18 million investment, online game developer Turbine Entertainment will now self-publish Dungeons and Dragons Online.
For Book Distribution
December 9, 2003
Diamond Book Distributors has announced a distribution agreement with Troll Lord Games.
The First D20?
December 2, 2003
Christie's Antiquities auction, scheduled for December 11th, contains an item of particular interest to those in the RPG business -- a 2nd century R om an 20-sided die.
Protecting the d20 Trademark, While Allowing Freedom Under The OGL
September 9, 2003
Charles Ryan, the Category Manager for RPGs at Wizards of the Coast, has provided ICv2 with responses to questions we posed about the addition of 'decency' standards to the d20 license.
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