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'Venus Versus Virus,' 'Moonlight Mile,' 'Jing, King of Bandits'
July 23, 2007
ADV announced three new North American releases for 2008.
Graphic Novels for Kids 9-12
June 28, 2006
Graphic Universe is publishing a line of graphic novels based on myths and legends.
Now Self-Contained Miniseries
January 19, 2006
Marvel has announced that it is repositioning its Marvel Knights imprint as a showcase for self-contained limited series featuring characters 'off the beaten path.'
Includes CHS Manga With Free Mini-DVD
January 12, 2005
ADV is offering direct market retailers a Cromartie High P.O.P. Floor Display with copies of the CHS manga with free Mini-DVDs.
92 Titles
November 5, 2004
Marvel has released its book schedule for the first five months of 2005, and it includes 92 titles in hardcover and paper combined.
Including 'Maburaho' & 'Area 88 TV'
July 6, 2004
ADV Films announced fifteen new anime licenses at the recently concluded Anime Expo.
Including Gunparade March & Peacemaker Kurogane
March 30, 2004
ADV Manga today announced the acquisition of 37 new manga titles.
Jamie Kennedy To Star
March 28, 2003
Jamie Kennedy will be taking the lead role in the second installment in The Mask franchise, which is based on the Dark Horse comic series.
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