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Competitive Board Game from Games Workshop
April 5, 2018
Games Workshop will release The Lord of the Rings: Quest to Mount Doom, a new board game where players compete to find The One Ring.
Plus 'Rick and Morty,' 'Lord of the Rings,' 'The Boys,' and More News in this Friday Geek TV Round-Up
March 23, 2018
Two big geek culture properties got TV deals this week, plus there’s more on Rick and Morty, The Lord of the Rings, The Boys, Roche Limit, and Snowpiercer.
Geek TV News Round-Up
February 27, 2018
The end of February brings an abundance of geek TV news.
Column by Scott Thorne
February 19, 2018
This week, Scott Thorne looks at the recent news of layoffs at book retailing giant Barnes & Noble.
With 'Game of Thrones' Director
February 6, 2018
Amazon is developing the Robert E. Howard property Conan as a TV series.
Diamond Ranks Its Top Games of 2017
January 16, 2018
This list of the Top 100 Games for 2017, ranked in dollar sales order, was released by Diamond Comic Distributors. It’s based on sell-in to comic stores by Diamond.
Sales Estimates for December Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
January 15, 2018
These are estimates of the sales on graphic novels by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during December 2017.
Column by Steve Bennett
December 28, 2017
This week, Bennett looks at holiday entertainment: The Last Jedi and the Doctor Who Christmas Special.
Deluxe Expansion Set
December 15, 2017
Fantasy Flight has announced a new expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.
Uses 'Living Card Game' Model
December 10, 2017
Fantasy Flight Interactive has announced plans to produce a digital version of Fantasy Flight Games’ Living Card Game The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.
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