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Optimism For RPGs
November 26, 2007
The quarterly ICv2 market report on game sales in the ICv2 Guide to Games #49 reported that retailers are heading into the holidays in an optimistic mood.
At Javits with NYAF
November 19, 2007
Wizards of the Coast will host its Magic: The Gathering World Championships December 6th through 9th at the Javits Center in New York City , during New York Anime Festival.
With Tribal Wars, Decks
November 15, 2007
Wizards of the Coast is making a concentrated effort to reach out to more casual gamers for Magic: The Gathering.
Major Release Set for May
October 3, 2007
WotC has announced that its May 2008 release for Magic, codenamed 'Jelly,' will be known as Shadowmoor .
TV Advertising on 'Adult Swim'
September 27, 2007
WotC plans to make the launch of Lorwyn the biggest set release event in the history of Magic .
Policing Sales Channels
September 12, 2007
In Part 3, we talk about Wizards' policies on Internet sales, and how it enforces them.
Pre-Releases and the Impact on Store Sales
September 13, 2007
In Part 2, we talk about why pre-release events are held outside of stores, and what impact those events might be having on sales made in brick and mortar stores.
The Magic Events Portfolio
September 13, 2007
In Part 1, we get an overview of the different kinds of Magic organized play events.
'Numbers Don't Lie'
September 6, 2007
Steven Olsen of A Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, who kicked off our discussion of CCG pre-release events responds to Dave Salisbury of Fan Boy Three with some numbers, and says, 'numbers don't lie.'
In September
August 26, 2007
Wizard Entertainment is ending publication of InQuest Gamer , effective in September.
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