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CCGs and Board Games Sales Improve
March 27, 2007
ICv2 found that game sales revived in 2006, after several tough years.
Due Out on May 23rd
March 20, 2007
Pokemon USA has announced the May 23rd release of the latest Pokemon TCG Expansion , Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.
Gotta Learn 'Em All
March 12, 2007
Pokemon playing schoolchildren who have already managed to 'catch 'em all' will get a chance to 'learn 'em all' with recent additions to the Pokemon Learning League.
According to 'ICv2 Guide'
February 6, 2007
The top American manga (and manhwa) publishers have indicated that they plan on releasing a total of 1,461 volumes in 2007.
Game Re-Launch Possible
January 16, 2007
Canadian animation studio Cookie Jar Entertainment has sold its 26-episode Magi-Nation cartoon series to the Kids' WB.
'A Single Playing Field'
January 14, 2007
David Luebke of Dave's Comics Inc. in Richmond , VA comments on the news of WizKids going exclusive through Diamond/Alliance.
WednesdayThrough Friday
January 8, 2007
Cartoon Network has begun airing the Naruto anime series at 5:30 pm (ET, PT) three days a week.
4Kids' New Trading Card Company
December 13, 2006
In Part 2, we discuss the role of the TV show, the distribution of the game, how additional licenses might use the game engine, and more on the relationship between the online and real world game.
More than 150 So Far
December 13, 2006
Games Expo 2007 has announced its line-up of exhibitors.
First Move Into Manufacturing
December 11, 2006
4Kids Entertainment is making arguably the most aggressive move in the company's history.
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