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'What Are You Doing?'
January 24, 2005
Paula Fuge of Gnome Games in Green Bay, Wisconsin has some comments on when Upper Deck releases products to its sales channels.
Phenomenon, Flop of the Year
January 13, 2005
TV exposure is a key driver of anime sales in the U.S. and in 2004 the nature of that exposure changed profoundly...
Top Company, Product of the Year
January 12, 2005
The ICv2 Awards are an on-line continuation of a tradition that began in Internal Correspondence, the print predecessor of ICv2, over a decade ago.
Column by Steven Bates
January 5, 2005
This week, Bates shares his store's experience with trading cards.
Plus Top Ten Game Properties
November 1, 2004
The game market began a comeback in the third quarter after declines in most game categories in the first half of the year, ICv2 reports in the ICv2 Retailer Guide to Games #6.
Column by Steven Bates
October 26, 2004
Bates' topic this week is making money on the biggest characters there are.
From Forbes
October 24, 2004
Forbes has released its list of the top ten fictional characters (based on 2003 dollar revenues), and two anime properties and two Marvel properties are included in the list.
Eagle, WotC, Mayfair, Rio Grande Among Sponsors
October 19, 2004
A number of key game publishers are supporting the establishment of a National Games Week to be held during the fourth week in November.
In Spring of 2005
October 5, 2004
The Cartoon Network has acquired 52 episodes of the Zatch Bell anime series.
In Conjunction With Video Game Releases
September 29, 2004
According to the GameSpot Website, Nintendo is considering a move into the production of anime.
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