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For 'Pokemon TCG: Diamond & Pearl'
June 25, 2007
Pokemon USA, Inc. has announced the August 22nd release of the Mysterious Treasures Expansion .
Leading Supplier of Storage Products
June 18, 2007
Marlin Equity Partners has acquired Ultra Pro, a leading manufacturer of storage products for the sports and gaming collectible markets.
As They Adapt to New Market
June 14, 2007
The quarterly ICv2 market report on game sales found solid growth vs. the year ago period.
Key Series Rescheduled
June 12, 2007
Some of the most popular anime series in Japan including One Piece, Sgt. Frog and Bobobobo-Bobo have all had their time slots changed.
Over 'CSG' Patent
June 3, 2007
WizKids has filed suit against Wizards of the Coast seeking a declaratory judgment that will invalidate WotC's 'CSG' patent.
On Upper Deck's 'Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG'
May 6, 2007
We interviewed Leighton Kurashima, Upper Deck Product Manager for Yu-Gi-Oh! , and talked about the 2007 Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG releases, and the flow of the game, anime, and manga from Japan.
'Pokemon TFG' Premieres August 15th
April 30, 2007
The North American street date for the Pokemon Trading Figure Game will be August 15th.
Anime With Card Game Tie-In
April 24, 2007
Information from Anime Boston indicates that Upper Deck will be handling the licensing of the Kiba anime in North America .
Debuting This Fall
April 24, 2007
Disney's ABC Cable Network has signed an agreement with Toei Animation to license Digimon Savers .
10th Film & Two TV Specials
March 28, 2007
This April will mark the 10th anniversary of the appearance of the first Pokemon anime series on Japanese television.
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