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Over Pokemon Game
October 13, 2003
Wizards of the Coast has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo of America and its affiliate, Pokemon USA, alleging breach of contract and patent infringement.
For Longer Life, Support Specialty
October 1, 2003
Ron Catapano of Comics Plus in Mount Holly, New Jersey saw Daniel McAbee's comments on CCG release and feels that specialty stores have an important impact on CCG sales.
And Avoids A Fourth Quarter Glut
October 5, 2003
Upper Deck is delaying the release of its Marvel CCG , originally scheduled for November, until late March or early April 2004.
Mass Had First
September 24, 2003
Daniel McAbee of The Tangled Web in Spartanburg, South Carolina didn't like chain outlets getting the new Yu-Yu Hakusho CCG before he did.
A CCG Card for Every Ticket Sold
September 22, 2003
Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to the first Yu-Gi-Oh! feature film and plans to release it on August 13, 2004. Unlike many current animated features, the new Yu-Gi-Oh! film will be done in the traditional 2-D Japanese anime fashion.
In October
August 26, 2003
On October 7th, Nintendo's F-Zero will begin its career in television.
Returning Hits Now; Hot New Series Later
August 17, 2003
Kids WB announced its fall schedule last week, and it's heavy on returning hits, including Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Scooby Doo and Jackie Chan in daily strips.
Currently In Production In Japan
August 3, 2003
Warner Brothers is in negotiations to acquire the worldwide rights (excluding Asia) to a Yu-Gi-Oh! animated feature currently in production in Japan.
Two Printings
July 22, 2003
According to National Sales Manager Dean Irwin, Nintendo's first Pokemon release under its own brand, the EX Ruby and Sapphire series, has sold out two printings since its release last month.
Toys & International Lead The Way
July 21, 2003
Hasbro reported increased sales and profits for the second quarter of 2003 with sales up 7% to 581.5 million.
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