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Survey Says
August 18, 2016
Pokemon Go players are an extremely receptive target for retailers, according to the results of a survey of smartphone users.
Column by Marcus King
August 18, 2016
This week, King talks about Pokemon Go and how he's monetized the game for his store.
Along with New 'Pokemon TCG Collector Chest'
January 12, 2017
Pokemon USA has announced several new April releases for its Pokemon TCG: Mimikyu Pin Collection, Mega Camerupt-EX and Mega Sharpedo-EX Premium Collections, and Pokemon TCG Collector Chest 2017.
Viz Kids Titles -- What's Selling, What's Coming
May 2, 2017
ICv2 caught up with VIZ Media Vice President – Publishing Leyla Aker to talk about what Viz is seeing in the kids’ market, what’s selling, and what’s coming.
Featuring New 'Pokemon V' Card Type
August 19, 2019
The Pokemon Company International has announced the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield series, featuring the new "Pokemon V" card type.
'Pokemon' Extends Domination
March 8, 2021
It didn't seem possible, but the Pokemon TCG has extended its domination of aftermarket sealed TCG product sales.
'Pokemon TCG: Seaside' Series
April 8, 2021
Ultra PRO announced Pokemon TCG: Seaside accessory series for release in summer 2021.
'Pokemon: Battle Frontier' in the Fall
June 15, 2006
The Cartoon Network has the new Pokemon anime .
10th Film & Two TV Specials
March 28, 2007
This April will mark the 10th anniversary of the appearance of the first Pokemon anime series on Japanese television.
And 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Moon' Get Record Launch
December 2, 2016
The Pokemonification of American culture continues apace.
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