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Plus 'Winx Club' and Licensed BreaKeys
February 22, 2004
Upper Deck is planning a new CCG aimed at girls ( Winx Club ), a number of licensed releases for its BreaKey game, and several key trading card releases.
Out in April in Time for Van Helsing
February 1, 2004
Universal Studios Home Video has announced the release of three Monster Legacy DVD Collections on April 27.
No Action Figures for the US
December 28, 2003
Bandai has released photographs of vehicles and a playset based on the Thunderbirds film.
Shorts Think Not
December 1, 2003
In a cover-flagged article in the current issue of Barron's , Jacqueline Doherty reports on the substantial percentage of investors that are expecting Marvel's share price to decline, and why.
Licensing Is King
November 4, 2003
Marvel Enterprises, Inc. reported its financial results for the third quarter today with results that topped its twice-raised 'guidances.' In spite of the fact that sales for Q3 2003 were only slightly better than Q3 2002 profits reached $63.1 million versus $6.7 million a year ago.
Five Features Slated for 2004
November 4, 2003
During Marvel's conference call detailing its Q3 financial results, Avi Arad, who heads up Marvel's very successful Hollywood operation, made a number of interesting comments about the Marvel-based films slated for 2004 and beyond.
The Birth of Evil!
September 23, 2003
A Paid Advertisement. Journey back to Lodoss Island. This all-new edition features 80 additional pages and is presented in a new smaller format (5' x 7 3/8').
Alonso and Marts Get Promotions
July 30, 2003
Marvel today announced that it was extending the contract of Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada.
Runaways Join Sentinel
May 21, 2003
Marvel Comics has announced a major change to its 'Must Have' reprint of the sold out Sentinel #1 & #2...
'Unfair to the Customers'
May 21, 2003
Andy Grieco of Collector's Clubhouse in Pompano Beach, Florida is upset that two Kevin Smith Marvel titles are very late and not on the schedule.
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