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More 3-Issue Collections Planned
April 4, 2001
April 4, 2001. In a conference call with the press today, Marvel President Bill Jemas didn't mince words when defending his 'no overprint policy' In response to a question on the topic from ICv2, he responded, 'It's sort of an IQ test for comic retailers. You can count the digits in their IQ based on their enthusiastic reaction to the 'no overprints policy.''
DVDs Start To Dominate
April 4, 2001
The Top 10 Cool lists for February, 2001 have just gone up on ICv2, and our comments are below. These lists are compiled from actual sales submitted by retailers.
Transformers and Shinzo
April 1, 2001
Fox Kids has announced two new anime series that will be a part of their fall lineup along with new cartoon series based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Evolution . The new Japanese cartoons on Fox Kids include Transformers: Robots in Disguise and Shinzo.
To Coordinate Titles
March 28, 2001
Paul Jenkins, writer of Spider-Man, Hulk, Inhumans, Sentry , and Witchblade has taken a position at Top Cow as lead story editor. His primary responsibility will be working with all the Top Cow writers in an editorial capacity to ensure a uniform strategic direction in storylines.
Free Love, Libel Charges, and Collectibility Gone Mad!
March 25, 2001
Sometimes the pop culture products industry gets pretty wild and woolly, and last week was such a time, with three stories in different venues providing some diversion from our regularly scheduled programming.
Pro, Con, In Between
March 7, 2001
Marvel President Bill Jemas' defense of his no overprint policy has fed the continuing discussion over the future of the comics business.
Statement Responds to Criticism
March 4, 2001
In a statement released Friday, March 2nd, Marvel President Bill Jemas has reinforced Marvel's decision not to over-print its periodical comics, c alling the past policy of 10-20% overprints, '...a desperate, shortsighted effort to squeeze every last dollar out of every last book.'
March Numbers Tell the Tale
March 4, 2001
In an analysis of March orders to Diamond from comic stores, we've discovered what has long been talked about in general terms -- just how far comic sales have fallen from their once lofty heights.
Quantity Estimates Based on Diamond Indexes and External Title Data
February 28, 2001
This article contains a chart showing the top 200 comic titles by quantity ordered, based on Diamond's reported index numbers, actual orders obtained from non-Diamond sources, and interpolation of the remaining numbers.
Toy Biz Sales Down Sharply
February 27, 2001
Marvel's dismal fourth quarter performance capped off a very bad year, which saw the company's net sales decline from $319 million to $231 million.
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