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Fairborn, Ohio
May 9, 2002
The Bookery Fantasy shop, located in Fairborn, Ohio, snagged the second prize in the Movie Moolah Display Contest.
Less Hype, More Movie for Episode II
May 8, 2002
The reviews have been very strong. Writing in Variety, Todd McCarthy didn't mince words, 'Reinvigorating a series that showed signs of needing a transfusion, Clones will soar to the furthest extremes of the B.O stratosphere.'
Prize Drawings, Contests, Retailer Info, More
May 5, 2002
An ICv2 release. ICv2 is kicking off the Star Wars leg of its 'May Movie Moolah' promotion today.
'Our Customers Invested Over $250 Million'
April 29, 2002
Decipher has announced that it will donate over $1 million in financial backing, product, and promo materials to the Star Wars CCG Player's Committee.
In Stock and Coming Soon
April 28, 2002
A paid advertisement. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones is coming soon so don't miss the opportunity to stock up on Star Wars related merchandise from Diamond Comic Distributors.
For Episode II CCG
April 27, 2002
We recently published an article on Gamestop breaking the release date on the Star Wars: Episode II CCG , which prompted this response from a writer who wished to remain 'anonymous' at an unnamed distributor.
But WotC's Box Gets Smaller, Stores Bleeding
April 21, 2002
Hasbro released its first quarter 2002 numbers today, and the toy and game giant narrowed its loss to $17 million, an improvement over the unexpectedly large $25 million loss in the first quarter of 2001.
And No Written Hold
April 17, 2002
We heard from a buyer for another specialty retail chain, who told us that while Gamestop was 'notorious' for breaking street dates, in this case his chain had also been shipped earlier than necessary to make the street date.
Wizards of the Coast Orders Product Pulled
April 16, 2002
Chain stores across the country, including outlets of the Gamestop chain, began selling Wizards of the Coast's new Star Wars Trading Card Game: Attack of the Clones almost two weeks before the official street date of April 23rd.
Worth Over $600
April 9, 2002
This is a listing of all the great stuff for the store that wins Third Place in our May Movie Display Contest. The total value is over $600, and it could all be yours.
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