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Or Did It End on Schedule
February 4, 2002
The American Family Association Website reported that Taco Bell shut down its Cardcaptors promotion in response to complaints that the 'clow cards' from Cardcaptors are 'similar in appearance to tarot cards used in occult practices.'
What about Quality?
January 11, 2002
Marvel's new hardcover program continues to draw retailer response. Here's a different take from a retailer who's more concerned about production quality than price -- Terry Allen of Bonanza Books and Comics in Modesto, California.
She Likes It
December 10, 2001
We got a quick response to Ilan Strasser's comments on Marvel's book pricing yesterday. Tricia Hovorka, President of, feels that Marvel's pricing represents a reasonable strategy and good value.
Eye-Gouging Wolverine Leads to Revelation of Bogus Seal
July 9, 2001
The CMAA contacted Marvel and the publisher admitted that putting the Code Seal of Approval on Wolverine #165 was 'a mistake' on the company's part. ICv2 has learned that Marvel has not been submitting books to the CMAA recently and other current issues that carry the code (e.g., Tangled Web #3) are also 'mistakes.'
Over-all Numbers Solid
May 3, 2001
All of Marvel's X-books except Ultimate took substantial jumps in sales between April and May, reflecting new creative teams...
Latest Numbers on Comic Store Orders
April 8, 2001
Orders for the top comics took an upward tick in April, reflecting the typical seasonal direction now that the doldrums of first quarter are behind us. Ultimate X-Men #5 even came in above 100,000 in estimated comic store orders, the only title to do so in the last two months.
March Numbers Tell the Tale
March 4, 2001
In an analysis of March orders to Diamond from comic stores, we've discovered what has long been talked about in general terms -- just how far comic sales have fallen from their once lofty heights.
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